About Me

Namaste! I’m Venkatesh. I always wanted to share pictures and stories of the places I visit, the people I meet and things I do to keep myself motivated.


I’m a techie by profession but enjoy travelling more than anything. Travel makes me grow and glow. When I return back home from a trip I am still the same person, but something inside me always changes. I like these changes. It's like a realization.


Born in Pune, India, I think I am very far from the place where I always want to be -- mountains. I guess I like mountains slightly more than beaches. But this doesn’t reduce my love for Pune. My obsession for travel was influenced by the trips and treks I took with my family and friends.

Writing this blog has been on my mind for a long time and as I turn 25 this year, I thought it is time to go live with it. A new journey, a new beginning awaits you and me. I hope you walk along with me on this journey and enjoy what I share. Cheers!