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Travel after the Covid-19 Pandemic

Updated: Jun 20, 2020


When did you last travel? Most of us haven’t travelled for weeks, months! We all are waiting for the travel restrictions to be lifted so that we can travel again. Travel may not necessarily be a vacation. While some of us feel the urge to visit the mountains or beaches, some others stranded in different cities, states and countries wait to visit home. Though it is less likely that the travel restrictions will be completely lifted, they will be eased. We will travel again, but it won't be the same! Every country or state will issue new travel guidelines. Considering the gravity of the pandemic which brought the entire world to a stand still, these guidelines can be temporary or permanent depending on the learning we have got.

The entire tourism and travel industry has faced unprecedented challenges which has led to huge losses. For the recovery of this sector, it is important that we travellers trust and feel safe to travel. While the governments, tourism companies, airline operators prioritise hygiene and plan for resumption, it is important that we also keep some things in mind and travel carefully. How has the lockdown impacted the travel and tourism industry? How to travel after the lockdown? Sharing some tips for travel post the Coronavirus pandemic. Here’s how travelling could probably look like after the COVID-19!

Air travel will become expensive:

Commercial flight operations across the globe have come to a standstill and hence resulted in a huge loss for this industry. Cost of equipment and accessories like face shields, masks provided to the flyers will increase the cost of travel. Also some airlines might leave the middle seat empty to maintain social distancing among flyers. The cap on air ticket prices by the government and the continuous increase in fuel charges will add to this.

TIP: Though the prices will go up, there will be many deals in place to attract customers. Watch out for these! Avoid last minute flight bookings. You can also compromise on flight timings and take early morning or late night flights. Window seat is your safest bet to maintain social distancing.

Stringent health check-ups and safety measures:

The time taken for immigration will be more than before as the formalities and check ups will increase. The pre-travel health check-ups for all passengers will be more stringent as there will be new systems and safety protocols in place. A passport won't be enough! One would be required to carry a certificate of having tested negative for COVID-19 from designated laboratories authorized by the health authorities of these countries. For the next few months this might also be applicable for inter-state travel.

TIP: Avoid travel if you are down with fever or cold as you might be restricted from boarding. Do not forget to carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Gloves and designer masks will replace accessories and sunglasses once travel begins. Check out reusable and trendy cotton masks by Oon Kart

Domestic travel will rise:

While the world slowly opens its doors again for travellers, there will be restrictions put as a safety measure. Also the cost of travel is likely to rise for various other services and enhancements in the tourism industry due to Covid. People across the globe would hence prefer domestic travel more than international travel. Also, in case of an emergency, one can always get back home quickly and easily if located within their own country. Tourism will hence overall look more domestic directed.

TIP: This is the best time to go on some budget trips exploring the rich heritage, culture and spectacular landscapes of India. The Ministry of Tourism, India has launched "Dekho Apna Desh" initiative to increase the awareness of domestic tourism in India. Check out the webinars here on Incredible India!

Classic road trips will make a come back:

The risk of coming in contact with more people will rise when one takes public transport and so road trips in our private vehicle will be a safer choice. People will consider less expensive and comfortable trips more. Keeping this in in mind, budget travellers will think of spending long weekends on short vacations close by, with family and friends. Young people would always prefer to drive on such getaways, isn't it?

TIP: Get plenty of sleep before you drive. Plan your rest stops before as driving can exhaust you. Carry healthy snacks to eat and stay hydrated! Don't forget to create an amazing playlist to keep yourself and others entertained.

Nature walks over crowded touristy places:

In between all this chaos, people will definitely consider calm and serene places over crowded destinations. Nature will triumph! Wildlife sanctuaries and hiking in the mountains will be preferred over places of historic importance or monuments. Camping in the woods or by the lake will be the new luxury.

TIP: Get that trek off your bucket list which you have been planning for a long time. Or you can try camping by the lake. Look for raw and offbeat places more than the mainstream destinations for vacation.


I hope you all travel safely. Make sure you read the latest travel advisory and follow the necessary guidelines before travelling. You can find the travel advisory for India here - Covid -19 Travel Advisory. Happy Journey!

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